Ron Trent means house music, Ron Trent is Chicago. These two inputs are enough to contextualize an artist that always enhances and enriches the scene. His dj sets are characterized mainly by the excellent quality as selector and by the soul: an added value that makes the difference. It’s known that he founded ‘Prescription’, his label along with Chez Damier. In this 2015 are coming out many releases and collaborations, the last is the one with Sydenham and Aybee hence the acronym S.A.T. (Jerome Sydenham, Aybee, e Ron Trent). This work is something new and indefinable, it’s a combination of many energies.
If like myself you are into the sounds dj Ron Trent, Don’t Miss out, saturday night in Duel Beat (Facenight 2015 Club) three excellent mix. Listen

Antonio Esposito

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