This year on the occasion of the fifteenth edition Hard Days | Fair Disco and Music, to be held Sunday, October 11, 2015 in the spaces of Palapartenope of Naples, some professionals of Save the Vinyl Naples, Vinyl Session and Radio UMR welcome the public of DJs and vinyl enthusiasts, providing their knowledge and skills.
Experts will demonstrate the techniques of mixing on vinyl, providing useful advice to those who come for the first time to the world of DJing and wish to learn or implement their skills. They introduce further theoretical and practical knowledge about the difference between analog and digital.

Participation in the meeting, to be held in the workshop area of the Fair of Disco is the Music, it will be permitted until the exhaustion of the available seating.

Save the Vinyl Naples is a ‘APS was founded in 2012 to stimulate the dissemination of culture in particular through the use of hard vinyl – the fascinating fetish symbol of music – organizing, promoting and participating in projects of social solidarity and social and educational initiatives cultural.
The foundation of the association is the result of the creative with the ambition to return to the community the right to believe in ourselves and in the people around us through music, art and culture: DJs, producers, speakers, directors, journalists and PR who feel the need to re-evaluate the vinyl for a more responsible dissemination of music and above all less improvised

Vinyl Session is a music box whose mission is to spread the culture of the disc vinyl.
This Session has a central goal, to bring the Disk Jockey to its origins, starting from the disks and going through research, listening, public meeting and exchange. The working group session in recent years has expanded, welcoming more and more young DJs and young musicians, interested in culture Vinyl, understood as evolution, not as a return to the past, as new possibilities, such as choice of quality, refined and underground at the same time.
#VinylSession FACENIGHT Award winners for best radio program,
The program Vinyl Session brainchild of DJs Tony Antonio and Fort Turkish aka “Antu”, experts and representatives of the Vinyl for several years the Club Culture Naples. The project moves from funk to disco, from techno to house music, trying to embrace new musical trends, through the influences and interaction with musicians and the use of instruments of various kinds, from the saxophone to the electric violin, the percussion, electric guitar, bass. The program airs every Tuesday from 21 to 24 strictly live streaming audio / video on Radio UMR.

Radio UMR – Underground Music Radio – hosts the program Vinyl Session from May 2013. Angelo Divino, director, takes care of the technical part and streaming audio / video.
UMR -UNDERGROUND MUSIC RADIO is a reality radio web format that aims to express the musical talent of the Neapolitan artists and international, through programs in the studio, audio and video streaming of music events, interviews, art exhibitions, events of solidarity, all with a web approach that allows the radio to reach music fans anywhere in the world through the site www.radioumr.com.

Partneship event with FGB homes
In the mood of Vinyl DJs of these three realities, “music unites not divides” creating synergies between the same DJs and other music players, including industry experts and young people, allowing the exchange of disks, techniques and experiences.

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