Oddly enough, has over ten years in the limelight, Catherine Britton aka Cassy had not yet made his debut long. But his fans are in luck because after overcoming ruputura with her husband has decided to record an LP with twelve tracks that will get the seal Aus Music.
“It was very painful to music during this time. I tried to sing and I felt very bad. I had to look inside myself and understand that was what really did not like myself. I had to leave all those relationships that do not were healthy with people who were merely a reflection of what I felt inside. produce music was out of the question. it reminded me of what I’ve always tried to be for other people, “says Cassy itself in relation to the period recording this album that has called Donna.
The album began to take shape six years ago but for all those emotional reasons that explains the resident of Berghain and Panorama so far has not been that nailed down. Goes on sale next June 24. Below you can listen to the first preview: Route To Thonon.

Tommy Totaro

01. This Is How We Know
02. Feel
03. Back
04. All I Do
05. Strange Relationship
06. Cuando
07. Route to Thonon
08. Keep Trying
09. Move
10. Without You
11. What If
12. You Gotta Give

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